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Beijing suburbs home stay facility, the weekend schedule two weeks in advance reservation required

Date: 2020-07-31

House too long, on the weekend, more and more city people began to pack a vacation in picturesque scenery, quiet and comfortable country.Nearly two days reporters interviewed more than Beijing suburbs home stay facility, found that at present a lot of home stay facility, but business has even better than this time.Weekend room must be booked two weeks in advance, even if is also need a week in advance booking.

Several passenger flow of a home stay facility has been tied to the same period last year

Mr Zhang in yanqing district water village runs a high-end home stay facility, probably starting in April, the home stay facility guests have gradually started to increase.In June this year Beijing outbreak alert sounded again, Mr Zhang's home stay facility and then shut down for days, the outbreak under control and upgrade the epidemic prevention and control process of a home stay facility, after his family's home stay facility to open their doors again.

"In January to April this year, affected by the outbreak of the home stay facility completely in the closed state.April after resumption of its business gradually."For today's occupancy, Mr Zhang is very satisfied with.The occupancy rate is quite good now, and at the same time period in the previous years basic about the same.Rooms must be booked two weeks in advance over the weekend, everyday also need at least a week in advance reservation."Mr Zhang said.

Like Mr Zhang, also satisfied with the room occupancy rate of pinggu district dahuashan town west valley village, Mr. A home stay facility for cattle and he is responsible for the management of the passenger flow of a home stay facility more than normal."The guest is more, the main is given priority to with family travel, especially in Beijing a few days ago after emergency response from secondary to tertiary, daily passenger flow began to increase."Mr Ma said.

Subsequently, the Beijing news reporter try to through the online platform reservation in miyun area, huairou district, pinggu district, yanqing area several popular home stay facility, random input different periods nearly two weeks after the check-in and check-out time will be prompted to "late one step, the current date is full house" and similar tips, individual home stay facility in normal times to have a gap, but the weekend schedule basic already after two weeks or longer.

Part of the home stay facility preferential prices or upgrade entertainment facilities

"At home too long, want to in the case of security, take her out to play, so he locked to the home stay facility, but the actual booking, it found that it is quite difficult to book, looks good, weekend basic full, especially in pinggu district of home stay facility, perhaps because there has been no outbreak, more fire."People often says ms.

Another people also said that don't want to be at home over the weekend, about a few close friends go to Beijing for the weekend together, loosen the mood."Heard the scenic spot in city traffic also many, now the weather is hot, people prefer to find a mountain."The residents said.

Of course, not all home business is so hot.Yanqing district, another home stay facility, according to Mr. Ren now weekend each room is really full, but normal traffic and in previous years, there are still a certain gap."As the most depressing is the surrounding some of the home stay facility in order to get more traffic, began to lower the price of guest rooms, standard rooms daily price our family ever in after yuan a, now under the market pressure, between about 300 yuan a half price off."Mr. Ren said, according to his understanding, in addition to lower prices to attract traffic, some of the home stay facility are upgraded entertainment facilities and services.This year, Mr. Ren's home stay facility are actually resort properties, and on the basis of original entertainment facilities opens new bunkers paradise, parent-child swimming pool, trampoline, pastoral buffet barbecue, cross-country motorcycle, etc."Our home stay facility near the badaling scenic area, it is estimated that need to flow around the scenic area after recovery, the passenger flow can we return to normal."Mr. Ren said.

Another, head of the home stay facility also said, "my family really can give a guest room reservation the week customers 7 discount."

"Than in previous years, this year has actually preferential price, but mainly because the village beautiful rural construction under construction, the home stay facility environment affected by some, so just give customer some discount, and discounts are not big."Another home stay facility, the boss said.

In recent years, different types, different levels of home stay quietly bloom, some measures are also beginning to transformation and upgrading into a home stay facility.In order to promote sustained and healthy development of rural home stay facility, culture and tourism bureau of Beijing eight departments jointly issued last year on the guidance to promote the development of rural home stay facility "."Opinions" clear, to will achieve 2022 villages in the city from the scale to improve the quality of home stay facility, strive to be the city launched a batch of rural boutique home stay facility, build a batch of rural township home stay facility characteristics, promote the city's rural home stay facility reception ability and service level.