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Present magnificent hotel "to explore the regional tour"

Date: 2014-10-28

"To explore the regional tour" to build unique individuality experience two days trip, lead guests to inspect the classical landmarks, and search little-known interesting discovery. Inherit and magnificent A Senseof Place ® brand idea of A new journey, for guests to open the magnificent city hotel and A number of unique, amorous feelings show throughout history, geography and people.
"To explore the regional tour" has been started in several cities, including New York, London, vancouver, Dallas and San Miguel DE Allende, Mexico menlo park, calif., Santa fe, new Mexico, and quick opening of Beijing magnificent hotel, in order to show off the cuisine and culture, processing a variety of interesting exploration. Input "to explore A trip to New York" (A Sense of New York) guests will first by The driver Maybach (Maybach) at The airport, arrived at The Carlyle, more when A RosewoodHotel can choose by royalty and The head of state exclusive secret path to The hotel. Guests can also take following the city sightseeing boat, and went to New York's most famous 7-eleven's Madison Park restaurant to enjoy the beauty of a 20 dish food, and sat in the Cafe Carlyle's most superior place to show, enjoy a macondo trip ever forget.
"With different exploration trip to Vancouver" (A Sense of more than) will encourage guests to discover the pleasure of outdoor activities. Journey from LululemonLab to famous yoga clothing brand, shall promote the guests try on all kinds of yoga clothes; At dusk to elegant leisure zhongshan park, in the gardens with candlelight dotted practiced yoga. Journey also including harbour sightseeing let guests flight to vancouver from a bird 's-eye view, Indian Arm, Fraser Valley, Pinecone Burke Provincial Park everywhere beauty, such as the evening with a Widgeon Lake, the Lake for a picnic to summarize the whole perfect journey.
Pervaded the Dallas cowboys amorous feelings, also have an unexpected surprise. (A Sense of "explore the Dallas trip" Dallas) let guests to the famous Wild Bill 's specially WesternStore cowboy hat, and then explore the one of the most popular TV series "Dallas" shooting location Southfork Ranch, lunch is not to be missed the best barbecue restaurant Pecan (Lodge. Travel in a variety of art to highlight the following day, including Nasher its Center private guided Tours to swim, watch a series of modern Sculpture; In the latest park for a picnic in the city; And the Performing Arts Center tickets to see the favorite.
Whether through art, architecture, design, or food, each unique "regional exploration tour" are designed to create a memorable trip to explore. In addition to let guests have the opportunity to explore San Miguel DE Allende textile factory with a long history and its development history, may also opt into the spy on apple's headquarters in silicon valley, or in Santa fe GeorgiaO Keefe museum 'understanding of one of the most influential female artists of the 20th century life and work, or learn to cook a meal in London perfect English breakfast.
Magnificent hotel President Mr RadhaArora said: "today's travelers are no longer limited to the value of the material to define the luxurious, instead of encouraging exploration is more precious. Magnificent guests is a standard form of explorers, they love to break material box, seeking to continuously explore the precious journey. 'regional exploration tour is the most real and beyond general discovery of concierge service, let the guests enjoy insight into various features."
"To explore the regional tour price by us $1910, including two or three nights later double hotel, prices should be related tax and service charge, plus depending on the room availability. Relevant details in brand web site, rosewoodhotels.com.