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The fourth session of Beijing hotel supplies exhibition will be held in September 2014

Date: 2014-05-28

According to the United Nations world tourism organization, China hotel market size by 2025 will surpass the United States, will grow almost double by 2039.
According to the national tourism administration of the development of Chinese tourism industry forecasts, to 2020, 9500-139 million tourists from the entry for the night, the average annual growth rate of 5.7% - 7.75%.
International tourism organization of outlook that by 2020, the world will have 1.6 billion international tourists, China will have 130 million tourists, to become the world's first big immigration countries.
Royal park hotel catering industry look forward to the gluttonous feast
The hotel industry is a pillar industry of the tertiary industry in our country, has been in the social development and people's life plays an important role, is seen as a monolith. It is also one of the most attractive industry in all industries. In recent years, the rapid development of China's hotel industry, and shows a tendency of rapid growth and prosperity. The ministry of commerce on expanding domestic demand, consumption is put forward, to vigorously develop tourism hotel. In order to promote the development of consumption, vigorously develop the hotel industry in three aspects.
Beijing is one of the largest tourist city in China, according to 2013 statistics, reception of tourists is among the top of the major tourist cities in China. The rapid development of tourism industry at the same time pull the rapid development of hotel food and beverage industry. Future hotel industry also has the very big development space, it is to drive hotel supplies industry rapid development.
In order to promote the development of the hotel supplies industry, by the China association of north star international hotel supplies industry exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD. Jointly hosted the fourth China (Beijing) international hotel supplies exposition (hereinafter referred to as CIHSE Beijing hotel supplies exhibition) on September 16 to 18, 2014 held in Beijing national convention center. Display products catering kitchen equipment supplies, hotel furniture, desktop items, guest room, electrical appliances, titanium and the lobby supplies, cleaning and laundry equipment, textile cloth, uniform, coffee and tea, food and beverage alcohol, etc. The exhibition is expected to attract 300 companies from across the country and 15000 professional audience participation. Over the same period will be held in hotel supplies industry development peak BBS, seminars, product promotion and other series of activities.
The previous exhibitors have a saab Detroit, megabytes of Beijing established appliances, huaxing yifeng technology, guanghua material, vanda prosperous time, jiaxing burlington (world 500 strong enterprises), Beijing trade teng technology, aerospace, ship, nayyar hardware products, etc. 180 enterprises exhibitors. Professional audience as another pillar of the exhibition, according to the professional data show that from nearly 90 million professional visitors went to the exhibition, purchasing commodity scope covers hotels, restaurants, food processing, etc. The whole industrial chain related products.
CIHSE show held in Beijing hotel, designed to introduce advanced technology, products, business ideas, enhance the competitiveness of industry. At the same time, for the mutual cooperation between enterprises, provide one-stop platform for trade and market occupation. You are welcome to visit the exhibition!