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Improve service and secretly practiced true soldier at a third party

Date: 2012-03-28

To set sail to Beijing international hotel brand with good quality and improve hotel standardization service level, since the beginning of the trial operation practice, set sail in Beijing international hotel entrusted some authority for the services of hotel is not regular investigations.

Began to try out the third party privately after examination, by entrust some agencies as a "third party" intervention, indefinite time, indefinite lines, not exposure identity, stood by the third party perspective of service object, directly into the scene to the front office, guest room, restaurant, etc. The main business window for evaluation service, and submitted after the secret investigation report. Except the prior work, the hotel also plans to carry on the omni-directional assessment and middle management personnel management skills training, to strengthen the quality of employees, improve the management level.
Combining investigations project, the hotel the management assessment plan, related services completion indicators linked to staff assessment, made clear in writing to all work system and process. Sailing international hotel Beijing hope that through this new way, strengthen quality management, strict inspection standards, improve guest satisfaction, build a skill excellent professional services team.