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Characteristic hotel with prosperous business circle

Date: 2014-11-25

Affected by the economic environment and policy in 2013 is undoubtedly the upscale hotel industry in the winter, in spite of this, a new upscale hotels continues to enter Beijing. In February this year, Hilton's waldorf-astoria luxury hotel brand in wangfujing opened smoothly, kicked off the personalized high-end hotel layout the prelude to Beijing in 2014.
According to incomplete statistics, in addition to the already part of the personalized high-end hotel brand has opened, will this year several personalized luxury hotels opened in Beijing, one of the mandarin Oriental, with international hotel brands, such as huairou kempinski has the emperor such boutique hotel. Personalized luxury hotels are mostly distributed in the prosperous commercial circle, and the emerging "hotel circle" is also the future trend.
Upscale hotels distributed in more prosperous business circle
At present, more personalized high-end hotel distribution in the centre of Beijing's business district, chaoyang district of personalized luxury hotels most, followed by the dongcheng district and haidian district.
Look from the number, personalized luxury hotels in business circle, yansha business circle, trade business circle, wangfujing commercial circle, more upscale hotel distribution, has opened four seasons hotel in yansha business circle; Excelle its upscale hotel brand's park hyatt hotel and shangri-la international hotel distribution in the guomao business circle; Hilton's luxury hotel st. Regis and W hotel under construction in Beijing changan street are distributed near the nanxiao, adjacent to the saite shopping malls and xiushui business circle.
In Beijing high-end hotel market layout, these personalized luxury hotels in passenger volume is larger, more office more business circle, Beijing capital tourism group, Beijing KaiYan international hotel management company deputy general manager wang xin in an interview with Beijing commercial daily reporter said that the traditional Beijing popular hotel circle, there are four: one is the international trade to the Beijing hotel, grand along changan avenue area; Second, itc to yansha business circle along along a line; Three is the financial street near; Four is the zhongguancun near the IT business circle. Can say hotel distribution has close relation with geographical location.
The geographical position is high-grade hotel core competitiveness
Was the industry known as the father of American hotel and hotel master -- -- ellsworth stainton, believe that for any hotel, the success of the three elements are: location, location, location. Perhaps the hotel master is a bit exaggerated, but there is no denying the fact that with the rapid development of tourism, in the location of the hotel in the competitiveness of the displayed in the increasingly fierce market competition and influence, is some poor location of the hotel is difficult to match.
According to the 2012 China hotel business data statistics, in the five-star hotel customers, customers' accounts for more than half, the second is meeting customers.
Because the upscale hotels at present 50% more passengers for customers, the personage inside course of study says, these customers mainly include business customers at home and abroad, the government, customers and air crew, so the geographical position is particularly important.
According to the personage inside course of study introduces, in the early 1980 s, some large international hotel, the President and general manager of league determine the ten principles of the selection of the world's best restaurant, there is a specific provision: "be very appropriate, the choice of location is best in the business's bustling central business district, to facilitate the guest activities."
Worsley Beijing grand hotel general manager said, "the hotel is the most value of geography, the geographical position is always at the core of competitive factors. It is a good project built in the village, certainly not, so the hotel need to built in business circle and stream of place, can let a room price, rent lift to go up".